The YES Layout

Have you ever sat down to create a layout and what appeared on the paper was, not only what you pictured in your head, it was even better? I call these the YES layouts. The ones where everything just falls into place. From the design to the journaling to the message and emotion. It all just works. And when we're done, we want to hang it up for a little while and glean from it. 

There's nothing wrong with this feeling! I think with the type of approach we use here at SFTIO, it can be a very fitting feeling to have. While we can discuss techniques and give inspiration, my post this month is going to be about that YES layout. The one where I'm going to give you permission (because you need MY permission, didn't you know?) to pull out that layout and hang it up. Enjoy it. Re-read your journaling. And pin point what makes it your YES layout. 

Here is my YES layout from this month, using the March GRACE kit:

I remember the idea for this layout began to form while my little toddlers, at school, were napping. I was sitting in the chair writing out their daily reports when my mind began to wander. It often does. And I began to think about Grace and what I would scrap about. I already had four layouts created but needed one more. Not sure about the actual content, a design began to form and I had to sketch it out. As I looked at the sketch, it was completely out of my style. I've dubbed myself as clean and simple. But I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone here and there so I did.

And I'm so glad! 

I knew I wanted a misty, ethereal look to the layout. I wanted to challenge myself and use a patterned background. Those papers from Memory Box are perfect! Subtle. Calm. Perfect for those of us who don't usually use a patterned background. I also used a trick from past design team member Nancy and created my own paint mist. By mixing some acrylic paint with water, I spritzed that around on the paper.

I love banners but they can be a challenge for me to figure out without a sketch. The symbolism they can imply is so great but, composition wise, I can never get it right. But I like how it works with this layout... giving it that "in the sky" look.

And then the journaling. I didn't want my journaling to be on the page. It needed to be hidden. I almost forgot to do this but, thankfully, some of the layers were adhered with pop dots so I had room to stick my journaling underneath. 

For the actual content, I visited dictionary.com and quotes.com. I typed in Grace. And a flood of information came to me. I just kept reading until something spoke to me. I love the quote for this layout! Courage is grace under pressure. I think there is a certain amount of courage that comes through when we are challenged in this area of life. In some aspects, most of the creation of this layout showcases that... The white paint almost looks like it's bursting through the blue paper with my photo and the papers. But in a soft way. A way that conveys beauty. And with such beautiful papers and elements - I can say it was pretty easy to convey that said beauty. 

Do you have a YES layout??? If you have it uploaded in a gallery somewhere, share it with us! Show it off! Share the story behind it. 

P.S. We haven't forgotten about the Blog Hop winner! Watch the blog and Facebook for who the lucky hopper will be soon. Will it be YOU? 

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