And We Have a Winner...

Last month we invited you to take part in our Iron Scrapper challenge.  Inspired by that reality TV show involving food, we provide you with a "secret ingredient" (scrappy related, not foodstuff). Those who accept the challenge incorporate that secret ingredient into a layout.  We teased you with a partial view of our secret ingredient last month, inviting you to visit our community for the full detail and to play along.  Here's what we teased you with:

Well, the full picture was a beautiful white peacock:

We had wonderful participation in this Iron Scrapper challenge, all with different perspectives and heart-felt designs inspired by the above photo.  Truly amazing, heartfelt layouts.  For the Peacock Iron Scrapper challenge, Miss Jaime was our winner.  Would you like to see her winning layout?  Of course you would!  Here it is:

Jaime's hidden journaling reads: 
The peacock is a symbol of renewal. Since joining SFTIO in April of this year, I have undergone a personal renewal. I hadn't been able to scrapbook for over a year. I found no joy in it. I couldn't bring myself to create anything. Grief had taken over my life. It took away my desire to do anything that brings me comfort. I knew I needed my creative outlet back. I happened upon SFTIO. I`m so glad I stayed! Being able to scrapbook about myself has renewed me and given me more clarity about myself. I have a better sense of who I am and what I am all about.
Jaime will be receiving some scrappy goodies for her fantastic layered layout.  We are so very glad to have her as part of our community and, if you're not already there, we would love for you to please come join us! 

Still UNCERTAIN?  Well, then this is the most opportune time to join us since that's the emotion we are exploring Right Now!  As always, inspiration is at your fingertips on our site.  Buy the Uncertainty kit and be even more inspired with the gorgeous papers and embellishments within. 

Need more incentive?  How about joining us for the next IRON SCRAPPER CHALLENGE?  It's already posted in our community boards.

See you there!

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