Another Giveaway? Oh, Yeah...

We've got one giveaway just ended yesterday so I'm back to see if you want to play some more!  Over in our community, we provide challenges each month that go along with the topic, and challenges for Connection will soon be forthcoming!  In the meantime, I'm here to get you started with the...

(cue introductory music and drumroll, please)


We do one of these every month.  Would you like to play along?  It's pretty easy to get started.  We post a photo or a quote or some other element that is your "secret ingredient".  Then, YOU get to flex your creative muscles and decide how and why you use your secret ingredient on your layout. Sometimes the secret ingredient is a photo, sometimes a quote... sometimes... well... play along and find out.

This month it's a photo.  And because you need to go over to our community site to see the whole shebang, I'm just going to sneak a peek over here for you:

Remember, this is not the full photo... go to our community boards to see the full challenge!

Now, aren't you intrigued?  I am... not only for the whole challenge, but I can't wait to see what people decide to do with this photo.  C'mon over and play with us and ...

(here's the giveaway part)

... you could WIN some scrappin' goodies!  I'd even bet there are some PRIMA flowers involved. 

What are you waiting for?



(cue starter gun shot)


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