Let's Connect!

I had a lousy day.  It wasn't as if everything went wrong, or I had a bad hair day, or I spilled hot tea in my lap five minutes before an important presentation in front of the top three executives in my company.  No, none of that happened.  It was more of a "I got out on the wrong side of the bed" type of morning.  It was one of those days.

So, I was quite worked up into a very well-attended, self-pity party when I decided last minute to go and BE with people. Actually, it was a bunch of people working out at a boot camp.  Sounds crazy, right?  But I chose that somewhat tortuous physical activity that rather than go home with a pint of ice cream and drown my pseudo-misery while lounging in bed.  You know what happened?

I connected. 

It felt good to be with people. It felt good to get my heart pumping.  And the best part was one gal, who knew about my day, took a moment out to give me a snug.  Connection.  People reaching out and touching people, physically and emotionally.  It's really awesome.

Want to know the best part?  When I got home, still fighting the lingering party-goers at my self-pity-party, guess what was on the table waiting for me?  This:

My Connection kit!  I was excited as I opened it and fanned out all of the lovely papers and goodies.  As I handled each item, my mind started spinning.  All the directions you could go with this topic...
  • Connection to your life partner
  • Connection to your children
  • Connection to your pets
  • Connecting with a total stranger
  • Connecting the "dots" between some thoughts, or goals, or a-ha moment
  • Past connections with long-lost friends
  • Connecting with your spiritual side
  • That book that just made a connection within
  • How you stay connected with those important to you
  • How does your job connect you to the world?
  • Connections across the country/world.
  • Connect Four!
Whoops, sorry about that last one.  Love that game, though.

How about a look at a few photos that are on our site ready to inspire you? 

Take one of these (or any of your own photos) and use it as your starting point for a layout about Connection.  Finish and then connect with us... let us see it, either on your blog or in our community.

C'mon and let's connect!  Play with us!

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chksngr said...

Love that you chose the boot camp over the ice cream...although I cannot honestly say I would have done the same.