Making a Connection with People

This month's topic, Connection, has me all in a tizzy.  There are SO many directions from which you could attack the topic.  Often, we start discussing the month's topic by delving into synonyms and antonyms.  Just for fun, here are just a smattering of synonyms:

Main Entry: connection
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: person who aids another in achieving goal
Synonyms: acquaintance, agent, ally, associate, association, contact, friend, go-between, intermediary, kin, kindred, kinship, mentor, messenger, network, reciprocity, relation, relative, sponsor

Main Entry: connection
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: something that communicates, relates
Synonyms: affinity, application, association, bearing, bond, commerce, communication, correlation, correspondence, intercourse, interrelation, kinship, link, marriage, nexus, partnership, reciprocity, relation, relationship, relevance, tie-in, togetherness

Seriously, there is SO much to play with there, and like I said, that's just a bitty bit that available. Visit our community boards for more words to inspire and play with.

In the meantime, how do you connect with people?  I've been trying to step outside of myself and observe how I interact with people at my workplace. I can guarantee you I don't like all of them, but I can connect with each one.  I may not like their personality, their ongoing illnesses, their negativity, their humor... but I can connect with each person on a different commonality.

I wonder, is this true with everyone?  I highly doubt it, but... BUT... given enough time with a person, given enough chance to interact, perhaps there is a way to connect with anyone I would have he opportunity to meet.  When I can open up my  mind - and my heart - to that possibility, it makes me feel so amazingly free and full of wonder at what could happen with the very next new person I meet and interact with.

On Monday, I was walking into my office and another gal was walking in at the same time.  She was in costume, in celebration of Halloween.  I said, "I like your costume."  She replied, "Thanks.  I like your bag."  Now, I don't know this woman from Eve, but the bag (made by a specific company who has their headquarters here) opened a connection for us.  I said, "My husband works there."  She sounded startled when she stopped and said, "Mine does too!"  We shared information about them and. smiling, walked away.

I don't know that I'll ever stop and chat with her again. She works for a different company in the same building. Typically, I find people in that company to be less than friendly.  Heck, she was in costume and I have no idea if I'd recognize her again.  But that costume, and a bag, helped two total strangers to make a Connection - a brief bond and communication (check out those synonyms) -  on a dreary, rainy Monday.  And that put a little bounce in my step for most of the morning!

How do you make connections with people?  Are you aware of all the connections you make?  I mean, just stop and think about it for a few minutes... what connections did you make yesterday?

And then, just smile.

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