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What's your favorite definition, synonym or antonym for this month's theme, ACHIEVEMENT?

I love actualization, fulfillment and mastery.

Share your favorite in the comments. Did we miss your fave? What does the word ACHIEVEMENT mean to you? Stay tuned for our Achievement challenges and PRIZES!

Main Entry:       Achievement  
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         something completed successfully; goal reached
Synonyms:        accomplishment, acquirement, acquisition, act, actualization,
attainment, completion, conquest, consummation, contrivance, creation, deed,
effectuation, effort, enactment, encompassment, execution, exploit, feat,
Fulfillment, hit, masterpiece, performance, production, realization, stroke,
success, tour de force, triumph, victory
Antonyms:        defeat, failure, forfeit, injury, miscue, misfortune, neglect,

Main Entry:       acquisition
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         obtaining or receiving
Synonyms:        accretion, achievement , acquirement, acquiring, addition, attainment,
buy, gain, gaining, learning, obtainment, possession, prize, procuration,
procurement, procuring, property, purchase, pursuit, recovery, redemption,
retrieval, salvage, winning
Notes:  acquisition  is a material possession while an acquirement  is a personal
skill or knowledge that one gains
Antonyms:        dearth, lack, loss, need, want

Main Entry:       act
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         something done
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , action, deed, doing, execution, exploit,
feat, move, operation, performance, step, thing, undertaking
Antonyms:        cessation, idleness, inactivity, inertia, quiet, quiet, repose, rest,
stoppage, suspension

Main Entry:       action
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         individual deed
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , act, blow, commission, dealings, doing,
effort, enterprise, execution, exercise, exertion, exploit, feat, handiwork,
maneuver, manipulation, move, operation, performance, procedure, step, stroke,
thrust, transaction, undertaking

Main Entry:       actuality
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         something that truly exists, is real
Synonyms:        achievement , actualization, attainment, brass tacks, fact,
materiality, materialization, real world, reality, straight stuff, substance,
substantiality, truth, what it is

Main Entry:       completion
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         accomplishment, finishing
Synonyms:        achievement , attainment, close, conclusion, consummation,
culmination, curtains, dispatch, end, expiration, finalization, finis, finish,
fruition, fulfillment, hips, integration, perfection, realization, swan song,
windup, wrap-up
Antonyms:        anticlimax, imperfection

Main Entry:       creation
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         invention, concoction
Synonyms:        achievement , brainchild, chef-d'oeuvre, concept, handiwork, magnum
opus, opus, piece, pièce de résistance, production, work, work of genius

Main Entry:       discharge
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         carrying out of responsibility
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , execution, fulfillment, observance,

Main Entry:       effort
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         work, exertion
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement, act, aim, application, aspiration,
attempt, battle, crack*, creation, deed, discipline, drill, elbow grease,
endeavor, energy, enterprise, essay, exercise, feat, fling*, force, go*,
industry, intention, job, labor, old college try, pains, power, product,
production, pull, purpose, push, resolution, shot*, spurt, stab*, strain,
stress, stretch, strife, striving, struggle, sweat, tension, toil, training,
travail, trial, trouble, try, tug, undertaking, venture, whack
Antonyms:        hesitation, idleness, inactivity, laziness, passivity
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry:       end
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         completion, stop
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , adjournment, attainment, bottom line,
cease, cessation, close, closing, closure, conclusion, consequence,
consummation, culmination, curtain, denouement, desistance, desuetude,
determination, discontinuance, execution, expiration, expiry, finale, finis,
finish, fulfillment, issue, last word, omega, outcome, payoff, perfection,
realization, resolution, result, retirement, sign-off, target, termination,
terminus, upshot, windup, wrap-up
Antonyms:        beginning, commencement, opening, start

Main Entry:       execution
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         carrying out of a task
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , administration, completion,
consummation, delivery, discharge, doing, effect, enactment, enforcement,
fulfilling, implementation, nuts and bolts, operation, performance, prosecution,
realization, rendering, style
Antonyms:        abandoning, disregard, failure, forgetting, ignorance, leaving,

Main Entry:       finish
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         conclusion; completion
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , acquirement, acquisition, annihilation,
attainment, cease, cessation, close, closing, culmination, curtain, curtains,
death, defeat, denouement, desistance, end, end of the line, end of the road,
ending, finale, finis, last, last stage, ruin, stop, termination, terminus,
wind-up, winding-up, wrap, wrap-up
Antonyms:        beginning, commencement, initiation, introduction, start

Main Entry:       fulfillment
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         accomplishment, completion
Synonyms:        achievement , attainment, carrying out, carrying through,
consummation, contentedness, contentment, crowning, discharge, discharging,
effecting, end, gratification, implementation, just the ticket, kick*, kicks
observance, perfection, realization, you got it
Antonyms:        disappointment, dissatisfaction, failure, frustration, unfulfillment
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry:       gain
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         acquisition, winnings
Synonyms:        accretion, accrual, accumulation, achievement , addition, advance,
advancement, advantage, attainment, benefit, boost, buildup, cut, dividend,
earnings, emolument, gravy, growth, headway, hike, improvement, income,
increase, increment, lucre, payoff, proceeds, produce, profit, progress,
receipts, return, rise, share, take, up*, upping, velvet*, yield
Antonyms:        expenditure, forfeit, forfeiture, loss, waste
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry:       hope
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         longing; dream
Synonyms:        Utopia, achievement , ambition, anticipation, aspiration, assumption,
belief, bright side, buoyancy, castles in air, concern, confidence, daydream,
dependence, desire, endurance, expectancy, expectation, faith, fancy, fool's
paradise, fortune, gain, goal, greedy glutton, hopefulness, light at end of
tunnel, optimism, pipe dream, promise, promised land, prospect, reliance,
reverie, reward, rosiness, sanguineness, security, stock, thing with feathers,
Antonyms:        despair, disbelief, discouragement, hopelessness, pessimism

Main Entry:       satisfaction
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         giving or enjoying a state of comfort, content
Synonyms:        achievement , amends, amusement, atonement, bliss, cheerfulness,
comfort, compensation, complacency, conciliation, contentedness, contentment,
delight, ease, enjoyment, fulfillment, gladness, good fortune, gratification,
happiness, indemnification, indulgence, joy, justice, peace of mind, pleasure,
pride, propitiation, recompense, redress, refreshment, reimbursement, relief,
reparation, repletion, resolution, reward, satiety, serenity, settlement,
vindication, well-being
Antonyms:        discontent, dissatisfaction, need, unhappiness, want

Main Entry:       success
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         favorable outcome
Synonyms:        Easy Street, accomplishment, achievement , advance, arrival,
ascendancy, attainment, bed of roses, benefit, big hit, boom*, clover,
consummation, do well, eminence, fame, flying colors, fortune, fruition, gain,
good luck*, good times, grand slam, gravy train, happiness, happy days, hit,
killing, lap of luxury, laugher, maturation, profit, progress, prosperity,
realization, reward, savvy, sensation, snap, strike, successfulness, triumph,
victory, walkaway, walkover, win, éclat
Antonyms:        failure, loss
* = informal/non-formal usage

Main Entry:       tour de force
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         spectacular achievement
Synonyms:        accomplishment, achievement , attainment, chef-d'oeuvre, conquest,
deed, exploit, feat, feat of strength, grand achievement, great achievement,
magnum opus, master stroke, masterpiece, masterwork, performance, piece de
resistance, stroke of genius, success, triumph, victory

Main Entry:       victory
Part of Speech: noun
Definition:         win, success
Synonyms:        achievement , advantage, ascendancy, bull's-eye, clean sweep,
conquest, control, defeat, defeating, destruction, dominion, feather in cap,
gain, grand slam, hit, hole in one, killing*, laurels, mission accomplished,
overthrow, prize, subjugation, superiority, supremacy, sweep, the gold, triumph,
upper hand, upset, winning
Antonyms:        defeat, failure, forfeit, loss

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