Goal Setting in your Layouts - and a Chance to Win ACHIEVEMENT

As your week draws to a close, do you feel that you accomplished everything you set out to do in the past seven days? How about the past month, or year? We all set goals for ourselves in different areas of our lives. And if you’re like me, you struggle with reaching all your goals because there are so many great things to create, so much you can become, and so little time.

My new blog post is up over at the Creating Keepsakes Blog today. It's about goals reached and opportunities missed...and how to be gentle with yourself about where you are in relation to your goals and dreams, loving yourself as you are right now. 

Her are some sneaks of the LOs you'll see. Make sure to head over to the CK blog for your chance to win the ACHIEVEMENT kit.

For more ways to win, come over to our beautiful new site and go the Community drop down to sign up on the Message Board. We've got meaningful, thought-provoking challenges all month with more chances to win great scrappy prizes.

What are your cherished goals?


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junejetson said...

One of my cherished goals right now is to get my studio in working order. I moved and am still unloading boxes and tubs...but it is like Christmas everytime I open a box. I have felt very stifled eventhough I have continued to create. I went from a 5 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom apt but I am choosing joy in this transition. I realize in the realm of things this isn't a huge goal in the development of me...but I know when done there will be great freedom.