Iron Scrapper - Join Us for a Chance to Win!

Unless you're already a member of the message boards/community over at Inside Out, you may not know about this ... but happy day, I'm here to share with you again! When Rachel first started this amazing and inspirational kit club and community, she included "games" and other challenges to keep the community growing, stretching our minds and creativity.  One of those challenges is the Iron Scrapper challenge.

I'm here, today, to share with you this month's Iron Scrapper challenge.  It's a lot of fun... but I'm not going to share all of the details here.   Instead, I hope to intrigue you...

The Iron Scrapper challenge is different than our other challenges.  It doesn't have anything to do, typically, with the monthly topic we choose to explore.  It takes one element and pushes it out to anyone willing to take up the challenge. For those who do pick up the gauntlet, and share with us, we get to enjoy how our different styles and our different lives impact our scrapbooking and our views, perceptions and interpretations of various thoughts and pictures.

For example, in a previous Iron Scrapper, we challenged people to scrapbook a photo of a pregnancy test indicator (indicating pregnant) and what it meant to them.  Wow!  What amazing, heartfelt responses!

Okay, so for more details on the "rules" please visit our Iron Scrapper section on our message boards.

I will leave you with the most recent challenge posted. It came from seeing a Tim Holtz stamp, although I'm pretty sure he's not the originator of the thought... but it's something that resonates in me.  And perhaps you?  So... I challenge you to scrap this quote, or the thought behind the quote:

What if your FEARS and DREAMS existed in the same place,
would you still go there?

I do hope you will participate.  If you're not already a member in our community, please come over and join.  It's free!  So much inspiration and open-hearted friendships and support over there (AND a beautiful all-new design, look and feel). Even better, if you join us and post your Iron Scrapper layout, there is a chance you could win a PRIZE!  Who could ignore that?

For your chance to win, check out the rules, then scrap what comes to mind when you think of the quote posted, share your layout with us, mention on the boards that your layout is online in the gallery and then sit back and watch what others come up with as well.  Post your layout no later than October 18th, midnight Pacific time.

Are you up for the challenge?  C'mon!  I double-dog dare ya!

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