December Challenge #1, Eyes of a Child/Playful

Youth is a wonderful thing.
What a crime to waste it on children. 
George Bernard Shaw

Children: Kids have an amazing capacity for wonder. Everything is new and exciting to them. Is there any area of your life that has you experiencing wonder in a child-like way? Are there kids in your life who remind you how to see things as fresh?

If you were to create a layout about either seeing, or wanting to see life with fresh wonder as would a child, what would be different?   As an extra design "twist" challenge, please use a playful, child-friendly image or technique in some way - animals, blocks, maybe finger painting?

Let us know in the comments section, how would you design a layout for this challenge?  Or, better yet, join us in our online community to share your thoughts about this challenge and post your own layout in our challenge boards.  You don't need to be a kit owner to participate in our challenges... all are welcome!

I really can't wait to see your comments and/or layouts on the site! 

Have a great, wonder-filled day today!

~ Kai

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