Behind the Art with Stacey

I seriously can't believe it is already November.  The month of showing gratitude and being thankful has a great theme, Inner Gifts.  How do our inner gifts influence and shape our worlds?  It got me thinking about my inner gifts, those ones I am so grateful to possess.  One such gift involves my internal drive.  My desire to accomplish a goal has been a positive force in my life.

I decided to scrap about it and use some fun kit elements to enhance my thoughts.

I started with a photo of me.  Then I was immediately drawn to the journaling card of the car.  It helped to inspire this page.  Sometimes I just open the kit and look at all the papers and items, looking for direction.  I hand cut the girl and used it as a large title.  I also loved the triangular patterns on the Simple Stories paper and used a portion of that along the side.

The triangle on the left seemed to be pointing like an arrow so I went with that repetition.  I hand cut the overlapping triangles and placed them around the page.

I wrote about how my drive has helped me, why I consider it to be a gift.  I can imagine all the places my life could have ended up, if not for that motivation to plow ahead and create change.  I hope I can model that for my kids.  No matter where you are, you can take the wheel.

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