Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy August!  I can't believe how quickly the summer is flying by?  I hope you are living all your summer dreams before it is over!  Speaking of summer dreams, our new theme is Live Your Dream.  It made me think about all the dreams I have in life, all those that involve me as well as my family.

I immediately thought of a current dream I hold.  I often wonder about what I might do someday after my teaching career is over.  One thing that comes to mind is this idea of being a decorator.  I love to live in patterns and colors.  Layering a home is quite like creating a scrapbook page.

I went right to the stencil for this page.  I liked how the arrows led to the word create.  I used the gold pen in the kit to use the stencil.  Then I embellished each box with stickers or rhinestones.  I also added words that meant something to the page.

I used the alphabet stickers right over the stencil to connect the idea of dream to the idea of create.  I dream of creating.  I layered my photos over the left side of the stencil.

I wrote down my dream.  Why not try to make it come to life one day!  I like how the sticker encourages me to do the same.

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