Behind the Art with Jen

Hi Artsy friends!  Do you always use a photo on your pages?  For this one, I didn't. I used a picture from the kit.  It was more about the journey or process for this page.  I started with the white paper and knew I needed to get some color on there!  I started with some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gold Texture Luxe brushed on the right hand side.  I then used the marker to color on a non-stick mat and added water to create a puddle.  I pressed the paper onto the puddle and allowed it to go where it was pressed. Serendipity!
 I loved the papers and wanted to create layers of shapes. So, I cut 3 pieces using Cricut's Close to My Heart Artbooking cartridge.  I chose different sizes for each layer.  When layered,they create different levels of shapes and positive/negative space relationships. I tucked the little card in there to connect the idea of the journey (or process).
 I never knew that I would crave exercise. Actually, I avoided it.  Sweat, sore muscles, and time were my excuses.  I just didn't know how much I needed it.  Once I got passed the difficult start, I was hooked.  I need it everyday!  Now, my dream includes setting fitness goals and breaking through them. I've run up to 6 miles and my speed is faster than I thought I'd ever go!  My body is changing in a positive way and my mind is clear and focused when I run. It's not just about goals, it's about being healthy and getting what my body needs.

 Who would have thought that I'd be doing this 2 years ago.  I started this journey a year from March and I have achieved more than I thought I could.  I am setting new goals, however scary they are (can you say 1/2 Marathon?) and I will achieve them!  I am confident now that I can!

 What dreams do you have that you set but really didn't know if you could achieve them?  How do you feel when you do achieve them? It's amazing what achieve a goal does for your self-confidence and mind!

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