Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello, fellow artists!! How is everyone faring with their Live Your Dream kit???

As I explore the idea of living my dream, I have to say that I am living dreams now that I didn't even have an awareness of not so long ago.

If those who knew me 20 years ago could never have imagined me a mom who cooks and loves just being a family person.

As life has unfolded with my husband and two boys, its clear that life with these three other people is certainly living a dream...but until they came along, I wouldn't have called it my dream.

And its so amazing, because having them has unfolded other dreams, deep desires, I have...to be a good cook, to live in a way that supports their uniqueness, to be the "stay at home mom" (which is TRULY not a dream I ever expected!), to see them succeed and fail and laugh and grow and discover..all these things were never part of my original plan!

May layout is EXTRAORDINARILY simple...pictures and journaling, a title. I loved the images on this paper, and couldn't bear to hide them behind pictures, so I just cut out those that were behind my photos and popped them up with some dimensional adhesive.

I used the amazing gold pen to outline my pictures and underline my journaling to give it a bit of pop. 

I wonder if you've got any dreams that have unexpectedly unfolded before you. Have you awakened one morning to find that you are really in the midst of a dream unfolding and it is not at all where you anticipated being?

Peace, ya'll!

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