Behind the Art with Felecia

As you read this, I will be on the west coast, soaking up the sunshine and participating in a long planned reunion of some of my old music friends.

I am so excited for the opportunity to get to sing with the folks who were really my first foray into singing the way I dreamed - as a rock singer.

Singing is something that always made me feel like shooting star - even if it was in the dingy rehearsal room at the back of a old building in a little old suburb San Bernardino, CA. 

Something else that has always made me feel like bright and amazing is being weird.

I don't know that I necessarily flew my weird proudly most of my life...I've always KNOWN I was not quite like the other kids...

And I've been fairly comfortable with that most of my life...

But in all honesty, being my own unique self is something I've gotten happier to put out there more recently...I've gotten braver about being authentically weird and geeky.

I sort of stumbled upon Andrea Balt in my internet browsing...Pinterest click here, link click there, and suddenly I'm on a site about art and writing and glorious shining creative weird vulnerability...and I was in love. 

She inspires me to shed the expectations of others and really drill into who I was made to be. Its awesome.

I found this poem on her site and I'm perilously in love with it. 

What if...what if truely being a shining light, a city on a hill, a lamp to others means embracing that nothing is wrong with me. RADICAL.

Absolutely loved finding a pic that was "weird" for this one...and setting it up on the gorgeous Bokeh paper was just perfect for the theme. 

I did a few different things with this layout. Firstly, I used the tear off portions of the paper for border strips on the bottom. Love using up the little bits.

I did a letter / die cut title mix up. That's not my usual style, but these letters are so amazing...and I had to use the gold transparent "beautiful." 

Finally, I used pieces of the packaging in the layers...it fit the color scheme so beautifully, and the shape fit what I wanted, so in it went!!

I sort of embraced the things that my design brain said "no don't do that" to...and it worked out in such a great way!

Peace, ya'll!

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