Behind the Art with Felecia

Once again, I really am so in love with the newest kit from Inside Out - SHINE is just full of beautiful, warm, sun-shiney papers and images.

I had such a BLAST with this theme...For this project, I was going through some of my old photos and came across these two old photos of me.

For me, the word Shine means being the most ME I can be. I don't know, but a lot of this world really doesn't want us to be unique. So many things that are unique and amazing about us individually get sort of beat out of us as we move through the world...people are not comfortable being around those who are fiercely unique.

But when we are kids, this is the point at which we somehow are both in touch with being free in ourselves and also think we can pretty much conquer the world....I love that aspect of children...I want to be a kid when I grow up.

The confidence and shine of the little Felecia in these photo...They are so right in that kind of a moment!

That little girl - she has a twinkle in her eyes...All I could think of was how fun and unique these shots were...and how like me to do weird things and get caught on film.

So very much enjoyed just doing some layer building straight onto one of the papers..I was inspired to somewhat abandon my usual tendency to get things quite straight.

The photo corners are cut from one of the journal boxes....this is one of my favorite things to do - alter or fussy cut journal to fit my needs.

I did the same thing with the pink seal...and of course we cannot talk about shining and little girl pictures without gold metallic puffy stars and a little bit of gold mist. 

I was so inspsired by the kit and these pics that this project came together in less than 30 minutes...For me that is a serious record!!!

Is there a photo of you as a kid that shows your particular uniqueness and shine???? Does it make you smile to think of the moment or the person in that photo?  

I'm so interested in how you think of this topic!

Peace, ya'll!

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