The Story Behind the Art with Felecia

Sometimes I find myself wondering how others work out the things in their live that need working out.

I've tried a bunch of different things...and if you've been reading these Stories Behind the Art for long, you know I take this stuff seriously...maybe sometimes a little too seriously.

I need to remember to cut myself a break...to give myself the space and the time to open up to the next step, to stumble upon the path from here, to discover what the "new normal" will be.

I remember my dad always being in a hurry when we went on a trip to "make some time" and to "get there." He was in a race with himself to get "there" fast and only THEN could the trip begin.

I take a different approach...we stop along the way, we see the sights and try the foods and try to make the trip start the moment we get in the car. The trip isn't just about "there" its about "here" too.

Giving myself the same permission in life is a good idea...

The butterfly motif is my favorite go-to for this growth and change that life offers.

And the hearts are to remind me to enjoy the process, to love the journey.

No matter what happens, I'm becoming who I was meant to be and the journey only ends on this earth when I make it to eternity.

On this earth, I will always be "becoming"

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