Behind the Art with Stacey

I have to share again how much I love this kit.  The combination of papers and little goodies blew me away.  I still have 10 different inspirations in my mind!  I decided to make one page about the concept of growing older.  I feel 23, but my real number is way higher than that.

I decided to use a photo of myself wearing reading glasses.  Truth be told, I can't see anything in print unless I have them on.  It is a sure giveaway of my age.


I picked the bold black and white to symbolize that I am perfectly okay with my age and still plan to live boldly. I love the gold heart and incorporated the "on a journey" tag. I am enough even if I am older than I feel.
I decided to take a different route with my journaling on this page.  I used the stickers from the kit to create my story.  I added in some of my own words to make sure I communicated the true intention of the page.  I love how this turned out.  Look at all the different stickers!
This page makes me happy as I  have just honored me!

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