Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone,

Today I am here to share the fourth and final page using the June kit I Am.  I have loved this kit so much. It's been liberating to use the topic of I Am to declare certain areas of who... well, I am!

This final one... I decided I wanted to create a layout that took on the characteristics of a manifesto. Inspired by the "I Am" stickers, I pictured in my head, listing out different descriptive words that would declare who I think I am. I wanted to own them and then, live them out.

So here it is... My Manifesto...

One of the many reasons I love our kits is that I can create pages for my private album and I can also create pages, like this one, that I'll hang on my bedroom wall. It will be up where I can see it everyday and remember all the things I am.

Thank you for joining me this month! July is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to sharing more with you then! 

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