Behind the Art with Stacey

I am loving the new format of the kits focusing on a phrase or concept!  The starter, I am...has so many possibilities.  For my first page, I focused on some recent changes in my life.  I am learning how to deal with a new way of life as my husband took on a new job.  It has changed our dynamic and will allow Nathan, Ella and me to spend more time as a trio.

I documented that on a page.

I decided to use the camper as a symbol for adventure and family time, movement and travel.  It seemed to fit my theme.  I also incorporated the I am here symbol and the @ 3.  I love numbers as a part of my pages. 
I wrote my true feelings about the situation.  It is a new way of life.  It has not been easy and it has added some stress.  But we will figure it out.  I am on my way to creating a new routine.
I decided to add more journaling via the stickers in the kit.  I picked ones that match where I truly feel I am in the process.  I topped each sticker off with a pearl sticker. 
Scrapbooking can help you make sense of where you are at this moment, even if you feel slightly lost.  I find my way.

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