Behind the Art with Jen

I am... those two words have so many possibilities.  Mostly, I think of all the things that make tick. The complicated mix of me.  This kit made me think about how much I've changed in the last year and a half.  I am stronger, slimmer, healthier, more confident, an athlete, artist, mom, wife, educator, and ever changing woman. I am constantly making new goals.
 For once in my life, I am thinking about my health as a life long journey and not a short term goal.  Many times, I had tried a diet program, exercise routine, or deprived myself for short times until I reached a goal (for example; fitting into a certain dress).  After I got close or reached my goal, I'd go backwards.  I'd slack off exercise, eat more fast food and get comfortable.  I wouldn't make a new goal, just coast until I needed to do it all over again.  It was a depressing cycle. 

 I joined a running group and a martial arts-based fitness/ nutrition challenge for 35 days (Revolution 35) through my local dojo.  I also continued to go to Weight Watcher meetings.  With all those groups, I found the support and mindset to stick with it even when it was hard! This combination of support systems and my mindset that this is going to be a lifetime goal, brought on the changes I needed.  I just made up my mind that I was going to do it.  Surprisingly, I love exercise, eating clean, and don't feel deprived. I feel in control of my life and love this new lifestyle!

 I am on my way to a healthy me!  Thanks for letting me share this page.  I have loved this kit for the reason that I have explored different parts of myself to see how I have gotten to where I am now. What makes you tick?

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