Behind the Art with Jen

In the moment... so many things come to mind.  But for this page, I was inspired by Rachel's challenge for the National Scrapbooking Day online crop challenge.  Looking for a post from a year ago, I found that I had just started really running.  I was discouraged because I was slower than other runners on the path but if I knew that I'd be improving my times to the point that I was running a personal best at my 10th 5k race.  
 Who knew that I'd love running so much or that I'd be one of the fastest in my running group.  I certainly didn't.  I just wanted to get through my training run without falling!  Persistance pays off.  Then versus Now... pretty awesome!  I can't wait to see what the next moment brings in my journey to good health!

 Love that Gelatos Color that is in the kit!  So gorgeous!
 If you look back a year ago, what would you say about then vs. now you?

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