Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy April!  This month we are focused on the concepts of soft and strong.  It is pretty cool to think about two words that are opposites.  I considered how each word related to my life and my relationships.

When I saw the gel crayon in the kit, I wanted to use it in a creative way.  I thought of the concept of blurring the lines.  I used the pink to draw a blurred scribble along a part of my page.  It really supports my theme.

I used the white cardstock underneath so that the pink was pop and I could still journal.  My page is about blurring those two parts of myself.  My strong side is quite forceful and protective of the rest of me.  It sometimes blocks the soft.  It needed to have that role many times in life, but not so much anymore.  I layered some interesting elements that had phrases that went with my theme. 

I went with the idea of my soft side shining through more so I used the gold circular shape as a sun and used the word shine on my page. 

I journaled in an honest way.  I once did some work on myself and my emotions.  I would often visualize the various parts of me and found it to be very healing.  I took that same approach on this page with the story.

I don't want my strong to go away.  I still need it!  I just want it to relax a bit and let the soft come through.

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