Behind the Art with Jen

Do you ever doubt yourself and your abilities?  Sometimes I do.  I know before I do something that seems impossible, I go through this weird inner debate.  I argue with myself over whether I can do it or not.  For this page, I didn't do much journaling.  I think the photo tells most of the story. 
 I ran my first obstacle 5K- Vino and the Beasts and this photo was right after the mud obstacle.  I didn't think I could do all of the obstacles but I did!  I didn't quit and I did it!  It was hard but really fun!  I felt like the strongest woman ever after this accomplishment! 
 Staying strong isn't always easy.  It's hard to adjust your mental attitude about things that you think you can't do.  I try not to tell myself that I can't do something... most likely I can do it!  I now tell myself to just try it... if I really can't do it, I work at it until I can!
 Lots of symbolism in this page with arrows and repetitive shapes/ patterns to represent trying again and again or moving from one difficult challenge to the next.

 I can change the mindset of myself and others by being positive and convincing myself to just try and not give up!  I can do anything I put my mind to... I truly believe that now!
 What do you tell yourself when you feel like quitting or when things are scary at first?

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