Behind the Art with Stacey

Welcome to March!  We are tackling all things brave this month.  I decided to focus on the things in life that make me brave and times I had to be brave.  I also thought about how I admire bravery.  It is a cool word that really made me think.

I always tell my daughter how much I admire her bravery.  I consider myself to be confident, but she is a different story.  She doesn't think about what others will think, she just jumps in and does.  I have lived my life in a very calculated way.  I don't take risks and I am afraid of being embarrassed.  Ella is the polar opposite.

I scrapped about her bravery and how it connects to my life.

I chose the picture of her as goalie because you have to be brave to stand in there and take shots.  She decided overnight that she wanted to be a goalie and never looked back.  I used the cards with the rays because bravery literally shines from within her. 

Words like, "epic" and "you amaze me" sum up how I feel about her.  I wanted the page to be bright and bold, just like her personality.
I was honest in my journaling.  I missed out on a lot.  I could have had many more adventures in life if I was more brave.  Funny how I am raising a daughter who has one of the qualities I admire most.

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