Behind the Art with Stacey

Sometimes, I wish time would slow down and even stand still.  I can't believe how much my two kids are growing up.  It freaks me out that Nathan has grown three shoe sizes in only a few months.  I know I can control time and it is just moving forward.

The thought has made me nostalgic.  I have the great fortune of teaching at the same schools where my kids attend.  It has been a gift to have them so close to me.  I run into them daily and I love to see them grow and flourish.  I have a friend who is in the same situation.  Our kids get along great and we have often talked about how lucky we are.  Just recently, we sat and watched our kids at the winter concert.  I got tears in my eyes because they are graduating to the middle school next year.  We talked about how many of the school events will hold different meanings to us this year.

I used these photos my kids and my friend's children that was taken a couple of years ago.  These guys will go through school together. Who knows, maybe some of them will go to prom together!    I used the every day card to ground the photos and to represent the fact that I need to value the everyday!  Time is going fast and my kids are most important. 

I used the rub-on This is what it's all about to capture my feelings.  I incorporated the triangles simply because I like the linear edges with the randomness.  Isn't that what life is about?

I captured my feelings through words.  It is bittersweet, yet I am going to focus on the positive!

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