Behind the Art with Felecia

When first I saw this amazing piece of paper form the Maggie Holmes Open Book Collection, I kept thinking about the fabulous character of Edna Mode. She is one of my most favorite characters because she has the greatest lines.

And this one came RIGHT to mind...truly we cannot look FORWARD if we are looking BACK. 

But its such a very small quote and such a large piece for a project...

So...I once again "loved" my papers and built up some layers by distressing, folding, tearing, bending, crinkling just generally not allowing them to be smooth.

I pulled out that lovely shimmer mist, plus the beautiful Fireworks mist from the Energy Kit, and some red and gold that I had on hand. 

Truly this was just a chance for me to play with the idea of Edna and this quote. Don't look back...be in the now. 

Once everything was dry, I began layering and messing until something seemed to work for me. The idea of moving FORWARD is very refreshing for me. I've lived in a bit of a spin cycle for the last few years...two small children and a crazy job have a way of doing that to a person. 

But sometimes, I give myself permission to just play around and see what happens.

I think maybe I should give myself permission more often!!!

Peace, ya'll!

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