Behind the Art with Stacey

I have been faced with some troubling family circumstances this past fall.  It is not something I am comfortable sharing just yet, but it makes me question the future of some family events.  I decided to put some concerns down on paper. 

This also allows me to begin healing something that I am not ready to totally share yet.  I can tackle it in bits and pieces.

I cut the paper with the words in a random fashion and used it as a top border.  My family circumstance is teaching me to seize every moment.  I incorporated the bold bulls eye as a symbol.  I am hoping to hit this right in the bulls eye with focus and honesty.  This is real life in a raw form.  I am having conversations about things I never thought would be topics in my life.  But here I am.

I mixed the two fonts to create the bold title.

I told as much of the story as I can right now.  I tried to focus on how my family is strong.  We have survived through tragedy and sadness.  Journaling helped me to begin tackling this issue.  That is the power of inside out reflection.

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