Behind the Art with Felecia

 Forward - what an amazing word to begin a new year...to look ahead and plan, to dream, to try to focus on one thing and do it well...

The place I wanted to begin with looking forward was my One Little Word - Simplicity.

I've KEPT a word for years, but have never done the documentation of it into layouts or albums. I've always had the word stuck in the front of my planner, stuck to stickies on my computer screens, or had index cards in my purse.

But I've never attempted to document my word.

For this, I wanted really to create a juxtaposition - my busy beautiful life vs. my word: Simplicity.

I really want to get to a simpler life - less stuff, less pressure, more focus, more room to breathe.

Its been a desire of mine for a long time, but I'm only just beginning to realize that its something that I have to put my energy into - choosing, being honest with myself about what is and is not necessary, making relationships more important than appointments or work or stuff.

This kit has some GLORIOUS bits and pieces...this little bulls eye target among the other beautiful bits and pieces illustrates exactly what I need...to focus, and sort of push through the other beautiful clutter to what really matters most to me...

So, here we go...a new year, a new focus and so many gorgeous ways to document it!  

Have you considered documenting YOUR word with the Forward Kit!?!? I would love to see how you do it!

Peace, ya'll!

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