Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy January!  This is the time of the year for resolutions and change.  It is a time to look forward and move on to a new year.  I love the colors and patterns in this month's kit.  I had a great deal of fun using the rub-ons from Maggie Holmes.  Fantastic!

For my first layout, I focused on my husband and me.  I love our relationship and how we have been able to move forward each year.  We have grown and I am proud of us.

I used the bulls eye paper because it has circles.  I went with that idea of eternal love as circles go round and round.  To jazz up the paper and add some color, I placed down the circle in the middle and used the wood tag with the Always rub-on.  I also used the clock to represent the passage of time.  Plus, the sentiment is great!  I used the heart rub-ons and made them fly out from the "us".
Relationships are hard work and require daily attention.  I think it is important to be reflective about where you are in your relationship and where you want to be.  I journaled my feelings about how Steve and I have gotten better over time.  We have a new set of challenges ahead of us as Steve is taking on a new job.  His hours will change and our teacher summers will disappear!  It will be quite an adjustment, but I am ready to hold hands and jump!

I realize I have a verb disagreement in my journaling.  I decided to go with it.  The words really are for me.  I hope to look back on this page years from now and know that we handled this challenge well...that all my looking forward worked out!

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Deanna Anthony said...

Love your page! I'm looking forward to a better year of memory keeping for my family and love finding inspiration!! I found some here! Happy New Year!