Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello, my wonderful friends!  I am well entrenched in January and really getting some focus around how I want this year to shape up. I don't always start this process in December because I sort of like to wallow in the Holiday season and don't put a tremendous effort into starting the year with any bangs. For me at least, purposeful steps toward change make more progress than trying to change everything all at once. 

I'm a planner...sometimes to such an extent that I find myself in bondage to it, but THAT is not what this post is about! 

I love planning...I like to know what there is to do in a vacation spot, what sort of meals I should buy groceries for, how to dress for a particular day and when I need to work from home so that I can be at a school event or something.

I love lists...they make me happy. Especially the part where I get to put a check box next to one of my items and call it DONE.

I also like planning in a more vague way...goal setting, if you will, except that proper goal setting involves a date and usually mini-goals. 

But I like to put some  things out there...I want them in front of me...that way I have a direction to point myself in when the planning doesn't pan out...

So, for my second layout using Inside Out's FORWARD kit, I chose to document my list of "things to do" in 2015.

I ADORE these celebratory, multi-colored bubbles. They make me HAPPY!  I'm also experimenting with some dimension (don't everybody faint at that admission!) I want to try lifting and layering in a way that works for me and my style.

I used some gold twine from my stash and a couple of aged gold doilies. I also ran some gold mist over the beautiful numbers. 

Each layer was treated to a nice massage - some bending and edging and tearing and inking - to help create dimension and a nice platform for my goals. I really thought about these and wanted my bits and pieces to reflect that I "touched" them a lot...

My list also reflects my word for the year - simplicity. One or two words, a direction to go in, a place to focus my attention for making my life a healthier and more peaceful place to be.

Peace, ya'll!

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