Behind the Art with Stacey

Well, December is flying by.  I hope you have found time to be authentic even in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

When I learned of the kit theme, I thought of my parents.  They have been together a long time now.  There have been many good and bad times.  Times when I thought they might not be together due to health issues or just the state of things.  But each time, they have pulled together.  Because there is bona fide love there.

I went that for my title.  I took these photos a few months ago and was so excited when they captured the love.  They have looked at each other like that many times.  With love.  They might argue a bunch, but at the end of the day...I went with the speech bubbles to represent the talking and bickering.

I used the different hearts to go with my theme.  The large heart actually a part of heart glasses, but I but it in half to use only heart on this page.  I incorporated the Be True tag.

This is the first page that I have done about my parent's love.  I am so happy I could give those photos a place to land.  I want people to remember how good they can be.  It is bona fide love.

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