Behind the Art with Melissa

Melissa here today to share with you a page created with the November kit LUCKY.

When I was pondering all the blessings in my life, my parents immediately came up.

I know that I am truly blessed to have parents who support me the way they do. They are always there for me. Really and truly, I am thankful for such amazing parents who have guided me on this journey of life. 

I'm thankful that they have let me explore on my own and have allowed me to make mistakes in order to grow. That is such a valuable thing and I am not blind to how much of a blessing that is.

 At the time of preparing pages using this kit, I was in the midst of a move. Once again, I was blown away by the generosity and support of my parents. Even at 37 years old... mind. blown. I know... I know... I'll always be my mommy's "kiddo" and my daddy's "little girl". I'm kind of okay with that.

But I know that most of my confidence and independence, has been a result of the way they have loved and guided me.

I hope, that if I ever have children, I can be the same way.

After finishing this layout, I realized just how rare I express my emotion to my family. We've never been a super emotional family. But our actions speak very loudly when it comes to expressing our love and connection. I think that's okay. Personalities are what they are and I'm so thankful for this outlet that I get to use, to express that emotional side.

I hope that you can be inspired by that and use our approach to visual journaling to express your emotions. Maybe you aren't very good at doing so verbally or face to face but, in an effort to get it out, you can use scrapbooking or art journaling to do so. It's so therapeutic and wonderful. I highly encourage it!

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