Behind the Art with Melissa

Happy Tuesday!

I am here to share more with you about this page I created using the November kit LUCKY,

Lately I've really been pondering how blessed I am by certain friendships in my life. Especially those who are in my hometown. When I moved away to Chicago, I knew I wouldn't forget or replace those friends.  What I wasn't ready for was how much I actually missed them. So... upon moving back to the Pacific Northwest, I've kind of flung myself back into these friendships but, with more gusto and with more appreciation. There is no taking for granted going on right now!

I played lots with the stars and shimmer on this page. I wanted it to sparkle and exude how priceless and wonderful it is to have friends like Julie in my life!

Our visual journaling pages can either go into a lot of depth or... like this page... can be so simple and to the point. There isn't much more to say! I love this lady. I'm thankful for her and I love how having her in my life makes it sparkle! And I think this page really embraces all of that. 

Thanks for swinging by today! 

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