Behind the Art with Felecia

I don't actually believe in luck...

Its probably an odd thing to say, but I believe in the blessing of God and that we are products of our choices. 

I say often that I've walked with God for too long to believe that the fortunes of others or myself are mere chance.

Some would hotly disagree, saying that there is no purpose in some being more fortunate than others...

However, I view personal blessing as an opportunity for me to share with others. I've witnessed the answering of prayers just in time and seen too many things pass that keep me from believing that a roll of the dice controls it all...

When I was planning my layouts, I wanted to put my most prized blessings front and center for this one. 

I absolutely LOVE the variety of papers and journal cards in this kit...I wanted to feature as many of them as possible - much like the variety of beautiful blessings that have filled my own life. 

I especially like this sentiment from one of the journal cards...these are absolutely "the good stuff" of my life. 

So how do you view luck? Is it a fortune you make yourself? Do you believe there is a larger design at work? or do you believe that fate is something that is chance?

Peace, ya'll!

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