Behind the Art with Felecia

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

I'm bringing you the story behind my final ENERGY layout for this month.  

This is yet another layout from this kit that I'm absolutely in love with.

Truth be told, I'm not much of a pink girl...I like pink ok, but its not the color I reach for first. 

This paper though, the moment i got the kit, I pulled this paper out and decide it HAD to be used and in a big way for this emotion.

It isn't often that I work without photos...the photos and story are my foundation when I'm creating. So, to create without the photos was challenging.

I started with the idea...what is energizing to me throughout the day? What picks me up when I'm down? What things do crave when I'm feeling low?

The list was long...so either I was going to end up with 20 photos covering up my amazing paper, or I would have to work out this idea some more. 

As I trolled my own photos, I became less and less inspired with the idea...and so, I just got out my pencil and started to draw some lines...then I started to write out the things on my list, adding some lines as needed.

And Voila!  no picture required. 

Out came that amazing mist and I splattered and free-handed some lines with the wand inside the sprayer. 

You know, it occurs to me that just using the Fireworks mist is energizing all by itself...I should have put it on my list!

So, in the end, the journaling was all I needed. BAM! I'm out of my comfort zone.

I absolutely LOVE when the combination of the kit and the challenge to create end with feeling really jazzed up about journaling and scrapping..

Peace, ya'll!

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