Behind the Art with Stacey

One of the coolest things about using the SFTIO's kits is that I have done more pages about me.  I think it is important to scrap personal pages that record your history.  I know my kids will love those pages one day.  I have been trying to create at least one page per month that is mainly about me.

This month, I wrote about all the things that help me to thrive in spite of life's challenges.  Life is not always easy and there are many demands.  But we move forward and we grow.  We can either be happy during those phases or not.

I think that by scrapping about what makes you happy, you appreciate it more.

I went with really bold colors for this page.  Doesn't it scream happy!  I used a selfie that I surrounded with orange paper and my title.  To smile, I need certain things in life.

I scattered some stars along the side in order to connect to the numbers.  I made a list of the things that help my thrive and make me smile.  I also used the arrows to direct the eye.
I used the Such a Good Day tag and love the point.  I used that as inspiration to add more triangular points to the right.  I cut them from a sheet of the paper and layered them under the word phrase.  I like how it adds even more vibrant color.  I used the stripes as places to hold my journaling. 
I love how happy this page is and how it focuses on the positive.  I strive to do that everyday!

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