Behind the Art with Stacey

When I am creating with a kit, I first start by reading the definition of the theme.  I look at several definitions, reading and rereading until the ideas start coming in.  I see flashes of faces or themes and take note.  Thriving must involve my husband and I.  Being married is hard work and staying together for the long haul requires connections.  I documented what has helped my husband and I thrive as a couple.

I love the large word cards in the kit and made the Love one a major focal point on my page.  Our Love Grows is the title.  I used the Cloud 9 tag and the Daily Stuff circle because a relationship is fostered on a daily basis.  I layered my photo with words and motifs that were meaningful.  Of course, I had to incorporate a heart.  I added the Can't Stop Laughing speech bubble because laughter is a major part of our dynamic.

We work to keep a connection, yet it is one of the most natural things.  This page represents how I want our relationship to continue to evolve over time.

In spite of daily challenges involving stress and busy schedules, marriages can thrive when you focus on the important things.

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