Dig Deep Friday: Mindset and Perspective

Are you ready for the holiday weekend?

Happy 4th to our US members and friends!

I'm looking forward to a lovely meal (a smart dinner party) with Bob and Howie tomorrow. Get ready for some Giada de Laurentiis BBQ chicken  and yummy grilled veggies, as well as quinoa salad and kale and pasta - all dairy and gluten free with props to Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond.

When I think about my friends and how they truly are my chosen family, I remember that everything is a choice. Which brings me to our first challenge for July. Feel free to play along! Post your LO on our facebook page here to be part of our amazing community.

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Mindset: Does the attitude or frame of mind with which you begin something make a difference in the outcome? If your mindset doesn’t impact an outcome directly, does it make a difference in how you handle success or disappointment? How do you (or how could you) create a mindset of receptivity and openness to whatever will come?

Here's a sneak peek of our guest designer's LO on this topic...and keeping an open mind about the future and outcome of what we invest in. 

Sofia will be sharing more soon on the blog in her Behind the Art post. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have a most fabulous and creative weekend!



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zunaira mehar said...

Well, that could be excellent, but how about the other options weve got here? Do you mind crafting a further post regarding all of them too? Thanks a bunch!
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