Behind the Art with Felecia

Honestly…truly…I will admit I like sincere compliments. I own that this is something I like.

Perhaps it’s a weakness to need all this external affirmation, but I like to be told that my work is good, that I’m a good friend, that I look nice, that my make-up is pretty.

So, when the males in my life started calling me “beautiful gorgeous” I was overwhelmed with endorphins…

THEN…THEN…I found out that Beautiful Gorgeous is a super villain from the show Jimmy Neutron, which my family had recently discovered on Netflix.

Instant deflation…HAHA!!!

I would like to tell you that I thought deeply and made internal changes so that I don’t need all that positive reinforcement…but – well…I didn’t!

I still like my compliments.

However, I did reflect upon my life as the only girl among a house of males. I tried to put myself inside their minds and see the world the way that they do.  Let me tell you, imagining life from their perspective isn’t easy for me!  But to really think about it made me smile.

The beautiful background paper from We R Memory Keepers Inked Rose collection was already a fantastic background. Its kind of like my life with these males– pretty in a messy, spattered, chaotic way. I really love how this paper works for layouts…Its fantastic!

There is huge love on this page…plus I love the way they see me – so I used the heart pieces form the kit along with my own punched hearts and some cut outs.

I have no illusions about what I REALLY look like (or them for that matter) so I used some pictures that were less than perfect – an early morning shot of them and a post-pool shot of me…just to keep it all real.

And seriously, to be seen the way they see me…as Beautiful Gorgeous…a hawt supervillain from a cartoon about really smart nerds and genuine friendships - its perfectly dead-center.

It’s a fantastic compliment!

Peace, ya'll!

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