Behind the Art with Stacey

I am here today to share one last page before we see the July kit!  Like the rest of the design team, I loved the gold foil world map paper.  This page is the most raw one that I created this month.

I demonstrated pure honesty on this page, not even worrying about using a photo.  Sometimes I feel very lost.  Even in the midst of all my blessings.  I revert back to old patterns and behaviors that are really effective.
The world represents my world.  I used the car, airplane and ticket to show the theme of direction.  Even with the right tools, I don't always pick the best way to travel through life.

I found that when I get lost, the best thing to do is just accept it and find my way back.  It is an ever changing process and I am getting better at it overall. I write with honesty as though I am alone, writing in my journal.  It helps me to be free with my thoughts.  After I was done with this page, I took a deep sigh.  It felt good to tell the truth.

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