Behind the Art with Stacey

Can you believe it is March already?  A  new month brings a new kit and this one is about honesty.  I took honestly to a new level on my layout.  Another word for honesty is candor.  The art of being direct and frank scares some people.  I happen to appreciate that approach, particularly when it will help me grow.

My page features a good friend.  We straight shoot, call each other out and talk with great honesty.

I wanted to add very structured elements to the pages to represent the straight shooting and clear lines of communication.  I also placed down some very feminine touches like the rhinestone details and hand cut florals.  We are both women who need friendship to guide us through being teachers, moms, wives and friends.

I chose to use a large Thank You placed within the sticker frame.  The telephone dial is symbolic, although texting would be more realistic.

In order to put some interest on the page and bring attention to the story, I used the stencil near the photo.  We share the stories and events of our lives with each other, like photos on the frame.  I repeated the circle in three places because I like to use repetition on every page.
I love the reds and yellows in this kit.  There is so much potential to help you scrap your story.

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