100% Me- Behind the Art with Heather

Hi! It's Heather back to share another layout I made with this month's "Honesty" kit. 

When I first found out that the kit was titled "Honesty," I knew that I wanted to do a page that was something to the effect of "100% Me." So, I came up with the title "Completely, Totally, 100% Me." I wanted to put down some random crazy 100% honest "Heather" facts, but I couldn't come up with any that I haven't told before or that were interesting. Or maybe that I wanted to tell. ;)

One of the prompts this month is the following:

Brutal honesty: we originally had named this kit 'candor' to get you thinking 
about a really raw, edgy type of honesty. How likely are you to be the one who 
tells someone something they'd rather not hear? Is it for their own good, or out of anger that it happens if it does? Has anyone been brutally honest and frank with you and how did that experience impact your life in the moment or 
afterwards? Design twist: torn or ragged edge vs sharp edge based on your 

Well, that got me to thinking. I'm not the type of person that goes around telling people off. That's just not me. If I do "tell it like it is," it's probably to my little sister. Or maybe it's because I've been around my little sister too long. (She tends to be a little edgy sometimes. :P) So I decided to make this page about how I am a person who "cushions" the truth. 

That's just me. I am a person who cares about others and how they respond to me. So, I'm not going to go around telling everyone how the world works and how things really are. If I do tell someone off, it's in my head probably. It won't come out of my mouth. 

So I used a straight edge to symbolize that I tell the truth cleanly… not edgy. I also used some speech bubbles cut out of one of the Cut & Paste papers to house the journaling. Some very obvious symbolism: my initials in letter stickers on my photo. I don't normally add my initials or name to my layouts about myself, so I thought it'd be nice to add a personal touch to this page. One other symbolistic element on this layout is the newspaper print under the "100% Me" negative. How do others read me? Hopefully they will read me the way I am. 

That's it from me today! Thanks for stopping by!

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