Design Team Announcement!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

We are so thrilled to introduce to you our new design team for 2014.

This past call we saw many, many amazing applications come through our inboxes. If it was possible, we'd make this team larger than life! So many of you love what we are doing and want to be part of that and we LOVE you for it!

We believe we've put together a very diverse and talented group of designers for you. Are you ready to meet them???

Angi Barrs is joining us as a first time designer. We're looking forward to having her share with you her journaling techniques, as someone who is just dipping their toes into the amazing experience of visual journaling. You can visit Angi's blog: here.

Next, we have Heather Adams, who designed with the CreateU Teen Program at SFTIO. We are so excited to have her perspective brought forth as being part of the regular design team. You can visit Heathers' blog: here.

Jen Matott will be joining us once again! We sure missed her amazing art work and use of symbolism. Her ability to challenge us all in expressing our emotions through art is welcomed with open arms. You can visit Jens' blog by clicking: here

Stacey Michaud has been a regular guest designer and friend at SFTIO and we are THRILLED to have her joining us full time. Stacey brings heartfelt journaling to life on her pages and we know that you will be running for your pen and paper after seeing what she creates. You can visit Staceys' blog by clicking: here

Finally, we have Design Team Coordinator, Melissa Elsner. She has been part of the team since July 2010 and is looking forward to another amazing year as SFTIO continues to show how we can take scrapbooking to another level. You can visit Melissas' blog by clicking: here

Thank you so much for all those who applied and didn't make the team. We respect you so much for sharing your heart and soul with us, through your pages! We hope that you all continue to follow along, use our kits and enjoy expressing your heart with our new team.

A special thank you to our departing designers: Lori Wilbanks and Kiki Halbert. THANK YOU for taking us on an amazing journey by skillfully showcasing how to take art journaling to the next level. You both are incredibly beautiful and are forever part of the family. Lori and Kiki will have their last gallery with our December kit. Be sure and continue to stop by the blog this month to see their layouts and stories. 


Angi Barrs said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so super excited to join this amazing team!

Jennifer Matott (Sigmagirl) said...

Beyond thrilled to be back! I missed it so much! I love this team and these kits with their emotions! Thank you!

Lori W said...

Congrats, gals!!

kate blue said...

great to see the new team-am super excited about seeing Angi!

I'm just a simple gal said...

Congrats girls!