Behind the Art with Melissa

I love how the monthly emotion seems to coincide with what I am going through in life. It never fails. I'll see the word and think, "you have GOT to be kidding me!"

It happened again this month. Right before receiving the kit, I was already going through making some decisions that were difficult but necessary. I immediately had this phrase in my head - "Sometimes the wise choice is the most difficult."

It isn't quoted from anyone specific. It's just something I've learned from experience. The most difficult choices I've had to make... with the outcome I might not prefer... have usually ended up being the best choice I could have possibly made and, therefore, the wisest.

This kit is so rich with symbolism! I'm excited to share with you how I put it all together with this photo-less layout. 

Arrows are PERFECT symbolism for a visual journaling page about making decisions. Which path shall I take? Which direction is the right one? Should I have gone the other way? I love the texture of cork and that it can symbolize pinning something up as a reminder or a "to-do". 

The color of gold is so rich! Making these difficult choices that will lead to growth and end up being the WISE choice... are RICH choices. The reward at the end is priceless and so worth it. I love how the bauble reminds me of a looking glass. I like to think that gives imagery to getting a tiny glimpse of the future. 

For design purposes, I love mixing alphabet. It adds so much to the layout. Especially as I'm a clean and simple scrapper. Combining so much color and texture with the letters can help make the layout not feel so empty. I guess there could be some symbolism here too... I just make a decision so I'm going to use it all! Haha! 

And the journaling. 

I chose to not use a photo for this layout because I wanted the journaling to take center stage. Instead of creating a "layout", I really wanted this to be a visual journaling page. I used the kit contents to add to my words and create some symbolism. Plus, there is something special about journaling and expressing my emotions through art. 

Thank you so much for swinging by! 

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