Making Marks

Hi folks, 
So hopefully, you all have gotten...or will be getting this months's
 BELONGING kit...it's seriously gorgeous!!
I wanted to share with you some alternate ways of using the
Ranger Distress Marker in Seedless Preserves. 
Now, of course, you can use it just to write:

But, why stop there?
These markers stay wet a little longer, so you can smear, paint, etc. with them as well. 

I wanted to use mine for some painty techniques.
I started by coloring on to my craft sheet....you could use any piece of plastic.

Then I used a water brush (there's a tube in the handle that holds water---you could use just a wet paintbrush) to paint borders, make splatters, and lay down color.

For my little 4x6 canvas, I just colored all over the surface directly with the marker and then used a brush and my fingers to spread the color around.

I was pleasantly surprised at how versatile this little marker ended up being!

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