Weekend Welcome: Our Ambition: To Be Better Than Ever

Hello blog friends and welcome to the weekend!

Our team at SFTIO is hard at work on some tweaks to make your experience even better - new designers will be coming on board, more exclusive content will be available to our subscribers in more ways and we'll be rewarding our loyal members with great giveaways and special offers just in time for the holidays.

The need, and natural human desire to improve ourselves, to be better than we were before, has never been more important. The scrapbook world is undergoing change - publications closing or switching to all digital, pocket page memory keeping has taken a major place at the table, and companies are merging or combining efforts to stay afloat and keep growing. 

I'm not worried - because whatever the method, whatever the medium, it's the MESSAGE that matters. No matter what you want to capture, remember, celebrate, overcome or create for your one wild and precious life, you'll need to start by looking inside. All of what we call scrapbooking is really an external expression of the desire to matter, to grow and to understand what we're doing here. 

And that's the special place that our brand occupies - the connection between your mind, heart and hands. We HAVE to be better than ever to thrive; we WANT to be better than ever because our mission is bigger than a piece of paper or a shaped paper clip - it's freeing your heart and soul to create the life you want. 

And we're spreading the word...because everyone wants to be better - not just those of us who already scrapbook. So start getting excited - scrapbooking isn't going away, it's going deep. 

Want to know more about our AMBITION? CLICK HERE to listen to my interview with the lovely Lain Ehmann who embodies the WHY of our craft. And make sure to sign up on her site for more about meaning and memory.

Have a meaningful weekend!

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