Enchantment Prompts - Ready to Create?

Although our website is still having some issues, we're ready to share this month's meaningful prompts.

I love this month's theme - there's so much to talk about and think about! Some of it is lovely and delightful, some of it is deeper - attraction can be met with delight or not accepted (who hasn't been there!); Euphoria is an amazing experience, but once the peak moment is over, how do you feel?

I've felt all these things - love at first sight, rejection, feeling beautiful and not so, deep connection to a place, total over-the-top bliss and the 'day after' syndrome.

So are you ready to create? I am!

Here are this month's prompts - challenges start in a couple of days where we'll help you add the visual symbolism that will take your LOs from good to GREAT!

Start grabbing those pics...

Attraction: Do you believe in love at first sight? Have you had that experience before, and if so, what was the outcome - did that person feel the same way about you? Has your strongest attraction resulted in a partnership, either for a short time or for life (you hope).

Allure: What components of beauty do you find most alluring in yourself or in others? Do you see your own beauty on the outside, and do you care what others think of your external appearance? What ‘look’ draws you in – is it a style that people would assume you would be attracted to or the opposite of ‘you’.

Gravitate: Is there a person or a place that draws you in like no other? Can its allure be likened to a gravitational pull – huge, overpowering and inescapable? Is the draw completely positive or are there negative components to it? What would break the pull?

Euphoria: Is there a peak experience that you can point to when you were happier than ever? What were the circumstances of the joy you felt? What senses were ‘lit up’ – visual, scent, touch? Can you imagine anything that could have made that moment even better? 

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