Make it Work!

As Tim Gunn would say, sometimes you just gotta "make it work"!
Each month as I pore over the gobs of goodness in my kit box, 
there are always a few items that I'm kind of like, "huh, wonder how I can use that?"
Either it is just not speaking to me, or the sentiment doesn't ring true for me...whatever. 
This month, I wanted to show you how you can make those work!

For this canvas, I used one of the journaling cards that had a sentiment at the bottom,
but covered the sentiment with the flower.
Here, the little wood tag said "I Love This City"....I just covered that with my papers.
The little banners sticking out also had a sentiment on them
and I just hid it behind the tag, still letting the cute banner ends peek out.
For my journaling card, I simply put x's over the words I didn't want.
Also, my calendar is upside down...that's just a mistake...I hoped no one would notice. :)
Then I just told on myself....sigh.
I loved the chalkboard feel of the black paper where I mounted my photo. However, it said "this makes me happy", which is lovely, just not what I needed for this layout.
So, I covered the words with the flower element.
I also wanted to use the wood veneer tag, but needed a spot for my quote. I flipped over the tag, added a little paint, and made my own journaling spot.  BOOM...made it work!

I find I do this more and more and am always looking for ways to maximize my kit
so that it works for ME! 
You still have time to grab your own TRANSFORMATION kit!
Make sure you stop by the gallery to be inspired 
by the rest of the fantastic design team!
Help us get the chatter going and be challenged on our forums!
And get ready, next month is going to be amazing!


Laurie Leahey said...

Great tips! I frequently have papers with words on them, and I never use them because I never seem to have any pictures that match the sentiment. I should just cover up the words!!

Amelia Clark said...

Wow it's really nice...Excellent work you did. I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.Keep sharing more.