What Do You Treasure Most?

Guess who's here to challenge you to play?  Yep, it's time to dig deep.  Let's look at Fortune from the "treasure" perspective.  Please create a scrapbook page, art journal page, mixed media piece OR... just write some responses down to the challenge below.   Share your heart with us in our community, or below in our comments... or link us up to your blog featuring your creation. 

Ready?  Set?  Go!

Treasure: What do you treasure most in life? Has what you treasure changed through the years? Is what you love most now what you thought you would love or are you surprised? What is the thing you worry most about losing?

For the design twist, please use an image or icon that related to value or currency - maybe the sparkly green coins in the kit or a treasure chest, dollar (or pound, or local currency symbol for you) sign...

My take? 

After pondering the questions above, I had quite an epiphany.  I realize that what I treasure most, right now, is myself.  It has taken a long time to think of myself as valuable... and I certainly am.  I think I'd love to do a layout with pictures of a few other items I value, with an actual dollar sign and amount next to them, but then... a picture of me with the huge title of PRICELESS!  Yep, yep.  I think that's my direction...

Can't wait to see/hear what you come up with!

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