Mixed Media? Me?! Yes, YOU!

Hi everybody! Lori here to chat a bit about mixed media.

"But, Lori, I can't do mixed media! I'm not artsy!"
I beg to differ!!

Do you ever use stamps and paper on one layout? How about stencils, mist sprays, and markers? Modeling paste and ...gasp...PAINT?! 
Guess what? You are MIXING MEDIA!!!

mixed media
pl.n. (used with a sing. verb)
1. A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition.

So, literally, all of us who use two or more mediums in our artwork are creating .....drum roll please....mixed media art!!! 
Now, obviously, there are artists who have extensive schooling, training, and experience as mixed media artists and I certainly don't want to minimize their work.  
I simply want to empower those of you who are feeling like this area is
somehow out of reach for you!
Simply put, I love to play with all kinds of media in my artwork: paper, glue, buttons, flowers, ephemera, paint, ink, spray mist, pastes, markers....etc.etc.etc.

In my DT layout this month using our April FORTUNE kit
I wanted to play a bit.

I used the Balzer Designs stencil from Crafter's Workshop and mixed some Liquitex Light Modeling Paste with turquoise paint and smooshed it through the number parts of the stencil. Then I dribbled some Deep Violet Liquitex Acrylic Ink, sprayed white mist through some punchinella, and used a scrap of corrugated cardboard to make some lines with white paint. 

Here's another one I did this month and used watercolors:

So, my challenge to you is to try something new...splash some watercolor on your background, use some ink or spray, use markers or paint through a stencil...just try it! 
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You can do it!

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